About Us


Floganize is an all-in-one business platform designed to simplify your daily business tasks. Easily create and track new projects, customers, invoices, expenses, quotations, inventory, tasks, and much more. Harvest the power of this software and use it to your advantage.  

Floganize was created and built for entrepreneurs and team engagement. The vision was to construct a user friendly system at a reasonable price. We understand the struggles of everyday business and we seek to help companies by providing them with an easy and affordable platform.

Relieve your stress by utilizing this system for all of your business related tasks. Organize and keep all of your records in one domain to create an efficient workflow. Oversee all your projects, customers, suppliers, and team members with Floganize and build a robust rapport with all parties involved.

This powerful software includes:

- Customer & Supplier Portal

- Products & Services List

- Project & Task Management

- Income & Expense Tracking

- Inventory Management

- Accounting Section

- Quotation, Invoice & Purchase Orders

- Account, Income & Expense Reports

- Export Documents in PDF/Excel Formats

- Staff Management

- Live Chat